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Risk - the possibility of something bad happening.

Risk Assessment - a thorough study to determine what risks face an operation.

Risk Mitigation - actions made to reduce the cost, severity, seriousness, or possibility of something bad happening.

Asset Assessment

A detailed analysis of what equipment do you have and in what condition is it in. Deliverable is an illustrated report along with a matching spreadsheet.


MRO Assessment

A comprehensive accounting of the maintenance plan for every piece of equipment in your plant. Deliverable is a database along with a yearly support for keeping it up to date.


Whole Plant Model

Cost efficient and effective plant operation is best achieved when all the plant documentation is up-to-date as built. With many firms and trades working on a plant the documentation can get out of sync very quickly.


Return/Scrap Product Assessment

There are many causes for product to be scrapped or returned. There are some "low-hanging fruit" methods that give very good ROI. Maintaining solid documentation, secure networks and stable controls are cost effective investments that eliminate many quality issues. Deliverable is a detailed Ishikawa diagram prepared by third-party experts for each product you choose to be analyzed.

Network Map

A complete, accurate and up-to-date map of you network is the first step to ensuring fast troubleshooting, solid cyber-security and cost effective upgrades. Without a map, your team, or anybody else brought in to help, will take much longer to discover where a problem is and determine how best to fix it. When your plant network is down, you are most probably not making product and your process is at risk. Ever minute longer it takes to troubleshoot a problem is lost revenue and extra network expertise labor costs spent.

Network Physical Layer Assessment

The physical parts of a network (copper cable, fiber optic cables, and connectors) are the root cause of over three quarters of network issues. Every cable in your network will be tested for continuity, attenuation, crosstalk, the mapping of the 8 individual conductors in a network cable to the connector pins, if the cable is in excess of the allowable length, if the cable has sufficient mechanical support strain relief with cable management trays and the like, what the color of the cable jacket is and if it conforms to your standard, if the cable is labeled on both end (and if it is correct), and what TIA categorization the cable was made to (Cat4, Cat5, Cat 6, etc). Deliverable is a spreadsheet with the data for all the cables tested along with any recommendation for repair or replacement.

MRO Team Assessment

The most important part of a maintenance technician or engineer's task is to deal with the unexpected problem or failure. Such issues always occur at the most inopportune time and strong knowledge of the fundamentals will be needed to quickly troubleshoot and resolve the difficulty. Every member of the maintenance team is tested and interviewed in the fundamentals to determine their level of skill. Deliverable will be a report with the findings as well as recommendation for any additional training that would be appropriate.

Machine Tool Assessment

A thorough analysis of the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic systems of your machine tool. Deliverable is a checklist report with all measured values and their meaning.

OEE Controls Readiness Assessment

Overall equipment effectiveness in a capital intensive manufacturing environment is highly dependent on the readiness of the controls on each piece of equipment to perform. This assessment involves specifically surveying the control cabinets of every piece of equipment in the plant and evaluating their condition, determining the programmable components and their life cycle state. Deliverables are an illustrated report and a spreadsheet with the findings. Recommendations will be made for any below standard or obsolete controls.

Seattle skyline, with the Space Needle and arches of the Pacific Science Center from the 1962 Century 21 Exposition - a fair that optimistically predicted that affluence, automation, and abundance would solve most problems. The active volcano Mount Rainer commands the horizon and poses a significant risk to the surrounding populace.
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